“A Mindful Life” is now available

“A Mindful Life: A Spiritual Guide to Making Peace with Your Mind, Time, and Space” applies contemporary metaphysics practically—providing readers with tools to create and organize their lives from their spiritual center. Many books on the benefits of being organized focus on the traditional idea of being more efficient throughout one’s day. From this conventional perspective, personal accomplishments are met with a checkmark and a smile.




About Lanna

I’m a person who is in constant awareness (some call if mindfulness and others call it prayer) of my efforts to bring more good into my life and because I am, I’m able to celebrate the sacredness of my life and the lives of others.
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My Blog

The heart of “My Sacred Life” is to embrace the present experience in the most respectful, loving way, and to share with you the dedication it takes to live in your truth.
I once asked Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist teacher …
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Media & Clients

Lanna’s work has been featured in many international newspapers and magazines over the last decade, and she even made the list of the “Top 25 Most Intriguing People in the Napa Valley.” Her wisdom and lively personality have made her a popular speaker, and …
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