How can you find God when you can’t even find your car keys?

Do you find it a challenge to incorporate a spiritual component into your daily experience? I’m always trying to simplify day-to-day activities in order to spend time on things that really matter—like meditating, writing, playing with my kids, or just relaxing on a Friday night. Because I’ve had some success in creating a spiritually hued lifestyle, I’ve sharing my experience through this website and my blogs. My goal is to inspire you and to gently guide you in the direction that is right for you. All I share is fundamentally about living in peace—within yourself, your surroundings, and in the world. By successfully managing your time and your space, you can move ever closer to a daily experience of greater and greater inner peace.



About Lanna

I’m a person who is in constant awareness (some call if mindfulness and others call it prayer) of my efforts to bring more good into my life and because I am, I’m able to celebrate the sacredness of my life and the lives of others.
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My Blog

The heart of “My Sacred Life” is to embrace the present experience in the most respectful, loving way, and to share with you the dedication it takes to live in your truth.
I once asked Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist teacher …
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Media & Clients

Lanna’s work has been featured in many international newspapers and magazines over the last decade, and she even made the list of the “Top 25 Most Intriguing People in the Napa Valley.” Her wisdom and lively personality have made her a popular speaker, and …
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