Lanna Cairns Biography

Professional Biography

An internationally recognized business consultant, keynote speaker, author, and columnist, Lanna Cairns has been on the forefront of teaching people how to make the most of their lives, their space, and their time, since 1998. Her first two books, Organizing for Your Brain Type and Every Child Has a Thinking Style, have been published in five languages, and her third book will be released in 2014. Relying on brain-function research, Cairns became the first recognized expert in creating four distinct styles of organizing. She has addressed the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the National Study Group of the Chronically Disorganized (NSGCD), as well as addressing gatherings of Global CEOs on behalf of TEC International, a company that educates CEOs around the world.

Cairns’s unique organizing method and spiritual insight has attracted attention from leading print media, including: The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Globe and Mail, The Oakland Tribune, The Arizona Republic, Body & Soul, Child, Cosmopolitan, Decorating Spaces, Forbes, Napa Valley Life, New Living, Parenting, Science of Mind, Wasatch Woman, and other publications. She has appeared as a guest on ABC, CBS, CBC, and CTV. She also was a columnist with a biweekly column for the Napa Valley Register’s Lifestyle section.

Her clients and audiences have included, BMW, Sylvan Learning Center, Morrison Foerster, Canyon Ranch, OPTIMUS/SBC Global, Queen of the Valley Hospital, National Bank of Canada, American Society of Pediatric Dentistry, Harcourt Brace and Co., Robert Mondavi Winery, Coldwell Banker, Schramsberg Vineyards, The Huntsman Cancer Institute, The Jewish Community Center of Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake City Library, and numerous places of worship.

A native of Canada, Cairns earned her master’s degree at the prestigious McMaster University, and her spiritual counseling license through the United Centers for Spiritual Living. Currently a resident of Salt Lake City, Cairns has lived in St. Helena, California; Los Angeles; Toronto; and Mainz, Germany.

Personal Biography
I’ve thought a lot about life, most of my life. I studied philosophy and religion in college, went on my first spiritual retreat when I was eighteen years old. Later, I became a spiritual counselor, and over the course of my life I’ve made some great personal strides. I’ve traveled to Paris and was blessed to marry the best possible person, have two beautiful boys, oh and best of all, we have the most loving dog in the world, Mr. Mojo.

I really love my life.

But this wasn’t always the case. I was raised in a nice environment, peaceful and plentiful, but I was never really happy growing up. I constantly felt judged, never understood, and alone. It took me a while to feel great—but I hung on, deeply believing the best was yet to come. Thank you God.

What changed? My attitude.

By this I mean, I saw myself having a different conversation with the world. I decided to start seeing the good in myself and my surroundings, anticipate and diminish conflict, started to have fewer snags in my life, and I started to notice a nice flow of experiences. My dreams were becoming my life, and life was starting to feel good.

I followed my dreams and am continually evolving and healing my sense of separateness on a daily basis. I think the most fulfilling task of our lives takes the shape of staying awake to our potential. I hope to show you a path of freedom in making your dreams become your reality.

My Philosophy
I believe that we are here to live our lives to the absolute fullest; every single day is a gift to be cherished. I remind myself often that Buddhist monks meditate in cemeteries—they want the preciousness of their lives to be in the forefront of their minds, constantly reinforcing the fact that they are not in a dress rehearsal for the life that they’re going to have someday.

In order to live my life to the fullest, I know that I must be in constant awareness (some call it mindfulness, others call it prayer) of my efforts to bring more good into my life. I practice with determination and have found that because of my efforts, I’m able to celebrate the sacredness of my life and the lives of others. I also try to keep myself grounded in the present, with my focus on the experience of now, rather than in a dress rehearsal of what my life might be like.

 Finally, I believe that sharing this awareness is the gift that I was born to give. If you would like to move through the stages of your life with a sense of inner peace and outer connection, if you would like to bring more good into your life and live in the present, please join me on my site and read more in my blog, My Sacred Life.