Lanna Cairns Biography

I’ve thought a lot about life, most of my life. I studied philosophy and religion in college, went on my first spiritual retreat when I was eighteen years old. Later, I became a spiritual counselor, and over the course of my life I’ve made some great personal strides. I’ve traveled to Paris and was blessed to marry the best possible person, have two beautiful boys, oh and best of all, we have the most loving dog in the world, Mr. Mojo.

I really love my life.

But this wasn’t always the case. I was raised in a nice environment, peaceful and plentiful, but I was never really happy growing up. I constantly felt judged, never understood, and alone. It took me a while to feel great—but I hung on, deeply believing the best was yet to come. Thank you God.

What changed? My attitude.

By this I mean, I saw myself having a different conversation with the world. I decided to start seeing the good in myself and my surroundings, anticipate and diminish conflict, started to have fewer snags in my life, and I started to notice a nice flow of experiences. My dreams were becoming my life, and life was starting to feel good.

I followed my dreams and am continually evolving and healing my sense of separateness on a daily basis. I think the most fulfilling task of our lives takes the shape of staying awake to our potential. I hope to show you a path of freedom in making your dreams become your reality.