Before I met Lanna Cairns, I felt that a sense of being organized meant that I had to be orderly, rigid, and set up in a way that I would have to continually work at maintaining my plan of organization. All of that discussion about organization scared me and made me feel anxious about organizing my own world and life. After working with Lanna, both as a professional and a mother of two young boys, I have found her to be such a delightful person. She is a bright spot and a source of positive energy in my day. She has given me hope that I can use my strengths and talents to be effective both personally and professionally. She has taken away the stress and made it fun to think about ways to feel organized, uplifted, and renewed. Her presence and calm nature puts anyone at ease, even someone who is feeling lost or in a moment of disequilibrium.
Karla Pardini, director of programming, I.J & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center

Recently our foundation found it necessary to accomplish a complete turnover of our administrative staff. Before doing so, we asked Lanna Cairns of Organized World to step in and reorganize our paper and electronicfiling systems. Lanna did so professionally, with a great deal of sensitivity to the situation and in a very charming manner. I would without any reservation recommend Lanna to you and your organization.
– Joe Peatman, president, Gasser Foundation

I’m loving my new office and have received all kinds of positive feedback. I’m finding the system is easy to maintain.
Dick Green, president, Queen of the Valley Hospital Foundation

Lanna Cairns offers a new approach to the somewhat dry topic of getting organized. This isn’t your “cookie-cutter” method or a one-size-fits-all.
– Sean Steer, human resources executive, Robert Mondavi Vineyards

Working with Lanna is pure joy. Lanna’s exceptional organizing skills, her positive energy and her vision of an uncluttered life for me – made what seemed an overwhelming task not only possible but easy. She operates on the highest level. She is a delight.
— Rev. Janet Garvey – Stangvick, minister, The Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living

Thank you to Lanna for doing such a wonderful job in presenting her lectures. Our guests not only enjoyed the information presented but they were also pleased with her style.
– Andrea Kowalczyk, functions supervisor, Canyon Ranch

Schramsberg Visitor Center brought in Lanna Cairns of Organized World to rethink our space. In two days she organized multiple spaces and allowed us to utilize areas for different purposes that we never knew we had.
– Sarah Martin Del Campo, hospitality manager, Schramsberg Visitor Center

It’s a miracle! I can find things! Lanna Cairns’s organizational skills performed miracles for me. Lanna intuitively understood the complexities of my profession and integrated the paper systems of my home office so that both are useable and efficient. As we worked together, I learned methods to approach the oppressive paper and information volume flowing through my life. I’m so glad I made this investment in my life and well-being!
— Rev. Lois Mueller, minister, Plymouth United Church of Christ, Oakland, CA

Lanna’s talks for our new agent seminars were enthusiastically received. If fact, we called her back for a second talk due to popular demand.
– David V. Westcott, president, Napa Land Title

 Lanna has remarkable skills in creating ways to store and organize that go well beyond the logistics of any well-organized system.
– Ken Hamlet, former vice chairman and CEO, TEC International

I have seen positive measurable results in the few days following this seminar.
– Allen Christensen, CFO, ComUnity Lending

I walked into my office this morning and couldn’t believe it. It is even more magnificent that I remembered. You did an awesome job with the relentless energy and can’t thank you enough. I feel “organized” in my office for the first time in my life.  You are truly a professional and in addition to that you bring such a positive and affirming energy.
— Rev. William Mellmoyl, minister, Grace Episcopal Church, St. Helena, CA

Lanna’s performance was inspiring and rates 9+ in terms of the internal assessments conducted!
Stevan Ralph, managing director, SBR Global, Toronto